Now in a short reviewing my travelling in a world that is called music. Music that was a part of my live.


In my younger years (in high school and directly after) I was into the Ska and old Ska reggae music (Prince Buster Ska Man, Ethiopians, Madness, Specials, The Selector, The Beat and more).


Later on I was into the Hard Rock and visit some great rock shows. Bands as Iron Maiden, Saxon, AC-DC, Richie Blackmore´s Rainbow en more bands.


In my childhood I was already taken by the music. That was because my oldest brother (rest in peace) was a great fan of the rock music (Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Great Full Death, Led Zeppelin and more).


In those days he liked to put the volume open and loud.

There was now hiding, but it felt good.


Also my other older brother liked that kind of music.

He is six years older then me so you can understand that I also took some of the music he liked with me.

Also it was that brother who took me to a club called "The Future" in Uithoorn. A place near by my city.

Each Sunday in the afternoon, from 14:00 hours until 18:00 hours that club was opened.

The deejays played over there the popular TOP 40 music, but also the Rock and Ska music.

Not so much, but still enough to have a good time.


Later on (a bit older) I also went to a club named "Beverly Hills" in Nieuwkoop. That was a good place to be. Good music, good people, good times.

Also a good place to be was "OJC Shiva" also in Uithoorn, this was a centre for young people.


I worked there as a volunteer together with a youth worker and some other friends we were organizing a lot of good things.

Concert evenings, films evening, Evening with a special topic as hippy night, Horror night and more.

That was a good time, where I have good memories about.


In that time I met lot of different people. Also people who liked the New Wave Gothic.

I was starting to listen to that kind of music and it was for me a totally new experience.

I took it into my heart. Also in those days I was going to wear black clothing and now a days I still do.

I was listening to the music, to the words and it hit me and I felt good with it.